What is
The Kiwi Social?

Have you got a great business idea?  Have you always thought that you’d like to turn your hobby into a business?  Have you worked in the same job for decades but you’ve always wondered “What if…”?

Have you got a dream, a burning desire, an overwhelming need to do something for yourself.

Do you want to Start. Your. Own. Business?

We know what that feels like – Ten Years ago Lee Iggulden (The Kiwi) joined forces with Eifion Williams to form the Welshot Imaging Photographic Academy fulfilling a lifetime dream.

Starting from scratch we had to learn HOW to build a business – Having a great idea, product or service is one thing – knowing how to deliver, market, promote, keep relevant, keep updated with the legal requirements and make money is another thing entirely.

At The Kiwi Social we realise running your own business can be a lonely affair – especially if you are working alone from your kitchen table. 

Here at The Kiwi Social we are building a community to help you to bounce ideas, talk with, and learn from other like-minded people. 

By working with a large range of experts in their field The Kiwi Social will bring them right to your sofa so you can learn, develop and grow your business.

The Kiwi Social community will be your office, the members will be your colleagues and the experts will be your mentors.

All in a supportive, fun, friendly, non-competitive, relaxed and informal environment. 

Building Your Business

Focus On…

If you are building a business there is a multitude of things you need to know, things you need to learn and things you need to do.  It can all get a bit overwhelming and that’s where The Kiwi Social comes in – We can help. 

We find the experts that are willing to share their knowledge – whether that be via a blog post, online tutorial or one to one tuition either in person or remotely.

The Kiwi Social Community is the place for you to come to when you just need a bit of “How the heck do I do that…?”

Building Your Brand

Do you have a vision?  Do you have a great idea but don’t know how to get started? 

When it comes to creating your brand, start small, think big, use what you have and just get those ideas off the whiteboard and into production.  This is where we will help you to start, grow and develop your ideas, and turn your dreams of owning your own business into a reality.

Your Online Presence

You’ve got a great idea, you’ve done the market research and you are off the starting blocks – now it’s time to get online. 

Website and/or Blog is a must, next comes Social Media – From WordPress to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – learn how to make Social Media work for you, your business and in a way that it engages the right people.

Making Your Money Work

WOO HOO!  You’re on the way!  Systems in place, products in the shop, services are ready to roll.  You’re good to go. 

But you need to pay those bills and have money in the bank to develop and grow.  This is the place to help you do just that – from setting up your accounting system to those much maligned but very much needed contracts, terms and conditions.

Continued Development

You are up and running – things are going great and work is busy but now is not the time to rest on your laurels.

Now is the time to keep learning, keep growing, keep moving ahead – Keeping up-to-date with all things personal and professional related in a stress free environment that can often be overwhelming in this busy world of business.  We will make it easy for you.


Tools To Help You Build Your Business…

Online Training & How To…

Advice From The Experts

Motivation & Inspiration

Online Community Support

From Our Sofa To Yours

Let’s Get Social…

LIVE on Facebook

Grab a beverage of choice, a notebook, a pen and pull up the comfiest chair you can find and join our online community via Facebook because twice a week we have something that WILL help you to grow your business.

  • Let’s Get Social – Our LIVE Chat Show where we bring in the experts to help YOU build a business and life that you love. 
  • Your Questions, Our Answers – This is your chance to ask those burning questions to our resident experts and get the help you need.

Join Our Community…

What You Get
Just £10 per Month!

  • 30 minute “Lets Get You Started” initial online consultation

  • Monthly E-Newsletter full of motivation and inspiration. 

  • A downloadable “Friday Freebie” for you to use in your business

  • Access to our “Online Community” via our Members only Facebook Group

  • Monthly “How To” training sessions 

  • Access to our “Lets Get Social” and “Your Questions, Our Answers” and other Facebook LIVE sessions

  • Bespoke 1:1 Tuition on building your Social Media strategy with heavily discounted rates.

  • 1:1 Support and guidance helping you to build your website/blog bespoke 1:1 Tuition with heavily discounted rates.

  • 30 minute “Online Consultation” with one of our resident experts

  • 20% discount off products & services provided by our resident experts

  • 30 minute “How Are You Doing” review online consultation (given EVERY Six Months that you are a Member of TKS)

  • Members Directory – Promote Your Business/Blog

On The Blog…

An Open Letter to Gabrielle – What i Learned From You.

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