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Well, that’s it, January has been and gone and we’ve now hit February – the dreaded 31st January tax deadline is soon to be a distant memory for another 11 to 12 months.  Did you leave it to the last minute, or did you submit well ahead of the deadline.  Are you as a work as you go type of person, reconciling and filing in real time or do you leave it all in one big jumbled pile and then have to spend hours, if not days, sorting it all out.

I am REALLY trying this year to take small, achievable steps that will make for a great 2019 – but what I am also trying to NOT do, which I have a tendency to do, is to avoid the…

I will do anything, even the ironing, to avoid doing a job I dislike or I don’t know where to start, how to do…

What I am doing, when I would rather do the ironing,  is making a Non-Important Task into an Urgent Task and avoiding doing what I really need to do.

I’ve also, just caught myself, while writing this blog (which is Important but not Non-Urgent)skipping over to Facebook to check to see if anyone has commented on FB Business Page for The Kiwi Social – which is important but definitely not so urgent that it should be taking me away from this blog.


We all need to figure out what matters the most to us – what is nagging away at us but we never get around to actually doing.

If something is important to us – we should, ideally, assign a time for it to be done – assign concrete deadlines and set a schedule to get whatever it is we want to get done.

By thinking about the Eisenhower Matrix you can keep in mind, and jot down in the relevant quadrant what importance/urgency task has.

Important and Urgent – Manage/Do – Crises and Pressing Issues

Important but not Urgent – Focus/Plan – Strategic Decisions and Values

Not Important but Urgent – Avoid/Delegate – Interruptions and Busy Work

Not Important not Urgent – Limit/Eliminate – Trivial and Wasteful

Muchly love

lee x

  Mind Tools – Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle

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