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I truly believe that you have to LOVE what you do – jumping out of bed each day, excited to get to the office, the kitchen table, the library or wherever it is you do your stuff from is one of “THE” most amazing things you can experience in Your working life.

I was born and bred in Liverpool, moved to New Zealand when I was seven, went through the Kiwi education system, worked for a major Governmental office, married a fifth generation New Zealander and then trained to be a travel consultant with Thomas Cook.

When I was 31 I convinced my husband to leave the land of the long white cloud to come for a working holiday to the UK for a couple of years – at the time of writing this “About Me” page (these pages must be THE hardest things to do by the way) – I’m currently 53 years young.

I consider myself a Kiwi – but I LOVE living in the UK, specifically on the Island of Anglesey in North Wales, and the opportunities it affords me. I am immensely fierce about my Liverpool/Welsh heritage but I love my Kiwi informality, community spirit and learn while you have fun and make friends attitude.

Looking back on it now, I was never destined to work for anyone else – I’ve always had big ideas, never afraid of change or a challenge or three – I loved to learn and WHY? was my favourite question.

It took me a LONG time to realise I was made to be my own boss – to have my own ideas, to take control of my situation and to make the changes I needed to see in the World.

Yes, I did say the World – because I truly believe that change happens at all levels and even the tiniest of steps each of us take can have the ability to make a positive impact, either on others or our surroundings.

I wish I’d had someone I could talk to, someone who could help a 40 plus Kiwi living in the UK take the leap earlier than I did – just because I didn’t know the “How”

It took a major change in direction to take that leap – I lost my job and with that my home (I was working as a live in housekeeper at the time and I was MISERABLE) and I had four choices…

  • I could go home to NZ
  • I could look for another live in housekeeping position
  • I could look for a job and rent a flat
  • I could live in my Campervan and I could start Welshot Imaging – Photographic Academy

I chose number four.

I lived in that campervan for a full 12 months before upgrading to a static caravan – in which I still choose to live in because my love of Welshot and now The Kiwi Social mean so much more to me than possessions – I’d eat baked beans on toast 24/7 if I had to – just to be able to continue to want to leap out of bed. Every. Single. Morning.

Welshot was 10 in April of 2019 and I’ve always had a burning desire to take it one step further – we’ve got a wonderful community that brings so much happiness and fulfilment to those who have a passion for photography – BUT – I want to help people like me…

People who want to build a life and business that they love – that excites them, that makes them want to leap out of bed each and every day (yes, even on the bad days) – all they need is the “How”

The Kiwi Social is designed to be that community to help YOU with that “How” online and offline, in real life events or via LIVE Facebook sessions – The Kiwi Social is one big beautiful Social Media resource of information – gathered from an amazing multitude of experts who are willing to help you grow and develop the life you love.

I am living proof, Welshot is our example of success – You CAN build a business / blog / website and a whole community of colleagues and collaborators through the power of Social Media – I do it day in, day out and I LOVE what I do.

Without my love of Social Media and how it has enabled me to build my business which excites me as much today as it did 10 years ago – I think I would have got on a plane back to NZ and corporate life years ago…

I am a born organiser, I love to research, I love to learn, I love to help people and I am obsessive about good service. I seem to have the ability to bring people together – a connector, a linchpin or an introducer – My pet hate saying is, without a doubt – “But we’ve always done it this way”

Oh, and just so you know…

If I was offered £1,000,000 to give up my mobile for a week, could I do it?

Not a frigging chance in hell! Not for all the tea in China! I wouldn’t even last an hour!


 #Engaging #Educating #Encouraging

Lee x

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