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Well, that’s it, January has been and gone and we’ve now hit February – the dreaded 31st January tax deadline is soon to be a distant memory for another 11 to 12 months.  Did you leave it to the last minute, or did you submit well ahead of the deadline.  Are you as a work as you go type...

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The beginner’s guide to the exposure triangle

This is a term that you may have heard being bandied around within photography circles, but what exactly does it mean? It may sound like the name of a 70s spy film, but in reality, it is a process that happens every time we take a photo. The exposure triangle is effectively a juggling act between...

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Resizing an image for the web with Photoshop

In this day and age, our cameras are capable of producing very large files. Uploading a full resolution image to the web isn’t ideal as it will take longer to upload and longer to load up on the webpage that’s displaying it. Indeed, due to these issues, may photo hosting websites will ask you to...

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