Why The Kiwi Social – What makes us different

I’m hardly the only person on Facebook trying to help people build a business, blog or life they want through Social Media but I do believe, through The Kiwi Social, I have something different to offer.

For example:  

I have grown a business!  A TEN Year old business that is STILL growing and expanding all over the North West of Wales and England – Welshot Imaging is our example of success – by using Social Media, specifically Facebook, we’ve been able to reach and help so many people who would not have known we existed otherwise.

I’ve made and built lasting relationships, formed collaborations, kept in touch with industry happenings and I’ve brought people together, and yes, we’ve sold our workshops and events and grown our, not one, but two membership packages – although the power of Social Media.

    *. Our Welshot Facebook Business Page has over 10k fans.

     *. Our Open Group(s) have over 2k collectively and are active and thriving

We show up EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  CONSISTENTLY.  Our followers know we will be there every single day helping with questions, sharing valuable knowledge and skills, encouraging, motivating and supporting – all without excessive, continuous sales pitches – oh yes, we firmly believe in the 80/20 rule here…

And NOW  – through The Kiwi Social Monthly Membership we will be showing how YOU can do it too – How you can build the life and business you love through the power of Social Media. 

We will help you to:

     *. Start, build, develop and grow your Social Media presence:

Learn how to use Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn  – making sure best working practices are shared along with the hints, tips and ideas to make your Website/Blog/Facebook Page

    *. Introduce you to a whole new way of Networking:

A whole new World awaits you – Social Media has changed the definition and meaning of the word “Community” – it’s not just outside your back door anymore – it can be a on another continent altogether.

    *. Bring in the experts :

The Kiwi Social is about a whole community of industry experts – from award winning bloggers to SEO experts.  From website developers to wordpress geeks.  From Instagram and Pinterest specialists to e-commerce authorities and finally, need someone from the professional industries such as an accountant, tax specialist or business coach?  We bring all these people to YOU – not just at our in real life events but coming soon to our LIVE “Lets Get Social” on Sundays and our “Ask Me Anything” on Thursdays – all through the medium of Facebook.

There is a whole world, a whole community which by harnessing the power of Social Media (and Networking skills) – through The Kiwi Social, will be opened up to you, right before your eyes, all from the comfort of your cosy sofa.  If that wasn’t enough – Our “In Real Life” events will offer you the chance to meet like-minded people while having a coffee (or wine/gin/beer) and learning a thing or three in a non-competitive, friendly, affordable and knowledgable environment.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you  – sounds like something you’d  be enjoy, I’d love to meet you! 

Send me an email and I’ll follow up personally, I promise. 

Lee x

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